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Calendars help to keep your existing clients buying from you which is vital to all businesses. It is estimated that it costs seven times as much to find a new client as it does to retain an existing one. Furthermore, if you work out the lifetime value of your clients you'll see that it's worth rewarding them with a useful gift if it helps to keep them buying from you.

Why are calendars such a powerful marketing tool?

Calendars keep your company's name visable to your clients for a whole year - at just a fraction of the cost of most other advertising When your clients are ready to buy, your contact details are right in front of them They are essential items most people use for business or home planning

To help you decide:

What is the cost of running an advert in a newspaper or on the radio every day for a whole year? Compare this to the cost of printing a calendar for each of your clients. Because you directly control the distribution of your calendars you can ensure there is little, if any, wastage

Calendars make great gifts for your family too

If you're looking for a beautiful and memorable gift for family and friends, calendars are ideal. You can customise the calendar by supplying your own pictures and captions; you can also add family birthdays and other important dates throughout the year to produce a unique and useful gift. All this for less than you would usually pay for a mass produced calendar - which would you rather receive?

We can design and print either desk or wall calendars with your choice of photographs. You can either supply your own photos or choose from our range of local, national and international images.