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At Rapid Print our team can produce your booklet and books in a variety of formats using a number of different binding options in whatever quantity you require.

Training Booklet - Most businesses have standard operating procedures that are documented in a staff training book designed to help new staff members integrate with the business.

Company Profile Booklet - This type of booklet can be used by the sales team when approaching new prospects and the prospect wants to learn more about the company. Typically this contains information regarding the company background, history, staff and product or services provided.

Occupational Health and Safety Books - These are very important in todays business climate with a focus on staff health and safety in the workplace. They will contain Standard Operating Procedures, Reporting Hazards and a Safety Programme.

Product Pricing Booklets - These contain a business’s products, descriptions, SKUs or product codes, and other useful information.

Special Event Booklets - This could be producing a booklet for an industry event, annual conference, promotional or publicity event.

Take advantage of the new digital print press technology to create a high quality book at great value. Make the leap forward to the new generation technology with graphic art controllers that provide accurate high resolution (2400dpi) colour. Faces and photo images are clearer and sharper. So your photos are going to look brilliant!