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Brochures are a great way to connect with customers by bringing your brand’s story to life and presenting your products and services. You’ll get professional results without being an expert designer too.

Here are some tips to design your brochure:

  • Create some curiosity. The front cover needs to persuade the reader to look inside. Less is more here – use concise language to convey the key benefit of your business.
  • Use headlines. This lets readers scan your brochure quickly. Benefit-led headlines are recommended – describe how your product or service will improve their life.
  • Address the reader as “you”. This is much more personable and engaging than the corporate-sounding “customers”.
  • Include a call to action. Should the reader visit your website or call you directly? Tell them clearly what the next step is.
  • Create urgency! Include time-limited discounts and phrases such as “call now” or “order today” to urge the reader to act.

Brochures are offered in numerous sizes Trifold, Z Fold Brochures, Generally Available in A4 Size, A3 Size etc.

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